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Wizard Screens of Ontario

Large opening screens designed for beauty and elegance.

By Lifestyle Oasis

Wizard screens solutions

Wizard screens to keep flying insects out come in many different styles, from retractable to fixed, and different mesh to keep your environment enjoyable. Canadian Manufactures comprise all of our supply manufactures ensuring you the best quality and ease of service after installation. ... We can enclose many outdoor spaces that will keep you protected from the bugs and wind. With many different options like: Manual or power vertical roll-up screens, Horizontal screens, Fixed wall screens and Screen walls with vinyl windows. Great products that are Canadian manufactured, custom build for you and expertly installed for years of enjoyment for your outdoor space. Custom fit large openings to fit your architectural needs as required. With so many options available, Lifestyle Oasis will help you find just the right solution.

Lifestyle Oasis is your premium choice for Wizard retractable screens, Wizard sliding doors, Wizard retractable screen doors, or many of the other Wizards products that are available. Our experience with Wizard products has led us to become the best choice to install any Wizard product in Ontario.

  • Vista View Screens up to 14ft x 11 ft Single and 28ft wide double
  • Vertical Screens Manual or power up to 25 ft x 12 ft
  • Horizon (Single) Manual up to 21 ft x 11 ft and 42ft wide double
  • Retract-a-view Door screen Manual up to 3.5 ft x 8 ft

Canadian Manufactured,
Resistant to 150 kms winds with the Wizard Screen retention system
Spans up to 42 ft wide and 11 ft high
All Screens Custom made to fit your opening
Standard colours, White, Bronze, Black, Beige, Anodized

Large doors and windows offer unobstructed expansive outdoor views and fill indoor spaces with sunlight, bringing the outdoors in! The challenge with oversized windows and doors - they’re often difficult to screen without sections of the screen’s frame, pull bars, or seams obstructing your view.

For homeowners or businesses looking to capture the most of an unobstructed outdoor view or, flood their indoor space with natural light while protecting themselves from pests, biting insects, and harmful UV rays, VistaView Retractable Wall Screens are the perfect single-screen solution. Featuring Captured Mesh Technology, VistaView is capable of screening windows and doors up to 11 feet tall and 28 feet wide with a durable, wind and pet resistant mesh. Contact a specialist at Lifestyle Oasis today for a free consultation on the best solution for you and your space.

Double wide screen doors

Double wide screen doors

If you're looking for a solution for extra wide screen doors or just a wide screen door in general, Wizard by Lifestyle Oasis can help fit your needs. Our large screen doors are incredibly customizable and can be used in a variety of different situations and help with your specific requirements and needs.

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