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Oasis Enclosures, Screen Rooms & Sunrooms

Allow in the light while reducing harmful UV rays and keeping out the rain.


Lifestyle Oasis screen enclosures are custom built structures designed to cover your patio, pool, deck, and more, while letting the cool breeze come through. These screen rooms are all season, built to last through Canada's winter weather. With our screen enclosures, you can enjoy the outdoors without the bugs! These screen enclosures are compatible with our Sunspace vinyl window systems, allowing for your room to be enjoyed for three seasons.

Fully customizable to fit any space, Whether you are adding onto your room, covering your pool, or enclosing under your balcony, Suncoast will fit! Screens are made from strong and durable Phiferwire, a rubberized fiberglass screen that can take the abuse of the North American Climate including the heaviest snow loads.

  • 18 x 14 Screen: This screen is the most transparent option. It will not hinder your view but will keep those pesky bugs out.
  • 20 x 30 Screen: A tighter weave adds privacy and effectively blocks 70% of the wind (pictured above).
  • Shade/Wind Screen: This screen blocks the most wind (80%) making windy days calm when inside your Suncoast screen enclosure.
Option One
  • Strong and durable Phiferwire, a rubberized fiberglass screen
Option Two
  • A polycarbonate roof (Lexan) is the answer if you want to allow all the light in but reduce the harmful UV rays and stop the rain.
  • You can choose from clear, tinted or opaque (white)
  • These roofs are permanent, with a weight rating of 75 kilograms per square meter
Option Three
  • Get creative! You can combine the screen roof with the polycarbonate roof to create your own unique enclosure!

WeatherMaster Plus Bi-Fold System

Lifestyle Oasis has taken the leap forward and combined the wall, ventilation, bug and insect protection, passage doors, bi-fold-doors, seasonal systems and year-round systems, and combined them into a single product that is customisable. Introducing the WeatherMaster Plus Bi-Fold System.

A European designed system offering above ground bottom running with multiple threshold options. The hardware components and system are bespokedesigned to give maximum carry capacity, whilst offering slim sightlines, oversized doors and minimum profiles.

Building Custom Screen Rooms & Enclosures for Over 20 Years!

Every Oasis Enclosure is custom built to suit every project's unique requirements. Enjoy full views and breezy days while keeping those pesky distractions away.

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